Monday, January 27, 2014

barefoot with a shovel

Today I visited a tiny leprosy colony to help build a latrine.
  This little colony has never had a toilet!!
We dug trenches for the foundation.  It was a HOT day so I defiantly worked up a sweat.  I used a primitive looking shovel and actually think they work better than our American ones, and the dirt pans were pretty handy too.  I did like the Indians and worked bare feet along with them.

Six people live in this colony (I think)  I only met 3 of them.  Their colony is smaller than my backyard. A guy named raja and his wife are full of sunshine!  He speaks a little English, enough to give me a tour of his home and introduce me to his neighbor.
 She has one of the worse cases of leprosy I've seen.  
She isn’t what her appearance is.  She curled right up to me when I sat next to her.  She told me her husband passed away last year. 

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