Friday, January 24, 2014

Photo, Photo, Photo

The events over the last few days are all jumbled in my head.  I can't remember what day it is half the time, which is great because it really doesn't matter here.  When it comes to recording what's taken place I don't know where to start.  When I think about it, the things that took place this morning seem like a day ago.  I'll just throw things out here and lets assume it was today (or yesterday, maybe even earlier this week)

I'll start with stating I am bunking in a room with 6 other women and all six are sleeping (3 of them snoring lol) and I am wide awake.  Perfect time to reflect, right?  While on the topic of these 6 other women I have to say I am thoroughly amused by them.  Some of them have me by 30 years or more and I only hope to be as fun as they are.  Tonight I laughed till I cried.  Who knew old age could be so much fun!!  

This morning I visited a leprosy colony called Barathapuram.  It's one of Rising Star's largest leprosy colonies.  The Mobile Medical team visits this colony every 2 weeks to assist patients with their wounds.  Volunteers remove old bandages (from the previous 2 weeks) wash the wounds (usually found on the feet and hands) and rub them in oil.  They are then seen by a doctor and given any medications needed and set on their way.  
This process is sometimes painful but most the time the patients look forward to the visits.  This is a time they get physical touch and TLC.  They soak up all the attention arranging themselves to have their picture with you.  I think they like getting pictures taken to see themselves.  They usually ask to look at it.  Here at the school the kids are the same way, they say "You take picture of me." Followed by "Let me see!" 
That what Indians do with Americans.  

While at this colony one of the old ladies made sure she got attention.  As soon as she saw me holding a camera she came to me and grabbed the closest person to her and insisted I take their photo.  
 Once I had taken the picture (and shown it to her) she wanted a picture taken with me, and the game goes on.
Each time I walked pass her she reached out to hold me.  She liked it when I sat with her.  She held my hands and patted my lap till I was needed somewhere else.
This guy had a crush on me ;)  He pulled out a cell phone (?!?) from his pocket and had one for his own.

After a long day at the colony I was so glad to return to the Hostel.  Before I was able to put down my bag I heard a group was taking a walk through a neighboring village.  I was way too tired to make the walk until... I had a little lecture in my mind telling me "It's not everyday you are in India."(until I come back again)  So, I turned around and followed.  We walked through the streets just as the school children were coming home.  Kids from both side of the street would come running out to say "Hello" in their cute little voices.  Then of course they wanted a photo...then they wanted to see the photo...then they wanted to take my camera and do it themselves.  

The girl in pink played a game with me.  I sat on the street and she inched her way toward unsure of her safety it seemed.  If I moved she would run away, then return repeating the process.  After a few minuets I had gained her trust enough to be inches from my face playing the staring game.

She is a beggar.  She told us her baby was under the blanket but it was clear a baby was not inside. It looked like a box ??

Tomorrow the school is having Sports Day.  It's a big deal.  They spent weeks rehearsing and decorating.  I love that they take such pride in what they do.  Everyone is talking about it on campus.  


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