Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cooking with coconuts

Saturday I went into Chennai for a cooking class.  (The Rising Star Campus is in a remote village 2 hours away)
I spent the day with 2 Indian women learning about Indian culture and how to prepare a meal.  I had a great time, mostly because of the company I was in.  
The women began by giving a tour through a market street and showed us where she purchases food.  To be honest, I was more interested in taking pictures than what she was talking about.  :)

 Our meal took FOREVER to prepare but it was great.  I asked how they get anything else done when meals are so time consuming.  I was told the woman are in charge to cook the meals everyday for the husband. 

BTW the women only eat the husbands leftover food.  The rest of the duties are hired out.  The women in India need help getting it all done!!  
I think I’m going to bring one home.
 Maybe two.

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